Knox Martin Talks On Art

These videos were originally presented during a Master’s lecture series I gave at the Art Students League in New York City – on Tuesday evenings, for a term in the year 1998.  The videos were made on rudimentary equipment (home video camera – no body mike).  I was surprised that in spite of interruptions, noise and sometimes unclear examples (slides covering Master Artists) – they are awesome!  My thanks to Max Horbund and David Kramer for providing equipment and doing their best to follow me about.

Ed Castaneda – Artist and friend said to me “These are the best talks on art I have heard.”   Thanks, Ed!

What I am saying is “These are the best talks I have heard!”  These videos are not housebroken. - Knox Martin


Knox Martin Talks On Art – A 10 volume DVD set


1. So Many Great Dutch Painters (part 1 & 2)

2.  Balthus

3.  Seurat

4.  Process vs. Method

5.  Preserving The Primitive

6.  Unicorn Tapestry

7.  Finding The Dance Of Intelligence

8.  Japanese Art & Zen (part 1 & 2)

9.  Matisse

10. Finding The Lineage Of Great Art


Bonus DVD: The Window to Art

Filmed on November 13, 2010, at Woodward Gallery, NYC




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Knox Martin Talks On Art

A 10 Volume DVD Set: $425.00


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